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Streams UI provides an interface for building data-driven, highly configurable control panels that can be integrated with any admin panel or UI kit.

A sensible and generic control panel UI theme is available by default.


You can use the the routes/cp.php file to define additional routes for the control panel. Routes defined there will be automatically prefixed and grouped.

Additionally, you can use the Route facade and cp method to define control panel routes.

Route::cp('custom/example/{entry}', 'Your\Controller@method');


Before continueing please enable the control panel.


Multiple stream-enhanced components are used to assemble the control panel.


Navigation sections define the basic functional structure of your control panel.

Defining Navigation

// streams/cp/navigation/users.json
    "title": "Users"

Available Properties

Name Type Default Description
text string null The link text.
dropdown object null Dropdown items.


Shortcuts define globally displayed, highly configurable, actionable items.

Basic Example


// streams/cp/shortcuts/profile.json
    "sort_order": 99,
    "image": "/user/avatar",
    "dropdown": {
        "profile": {
            "text": "Visit Website",
            "attributes.href": "/",
            "target": "_blank"


Layouts define how to render the main content area of the control panel.


Themes define globally accessible variables for the UI. Themes are defined by the cp.themes stream:


By publishing the Streams UI package streams you can customize anything you need.