Ignition Error Handler

Ignition is an included Laravel package for debugging. It provides a clean and organized stack trace, code snippets, and request information. You can even share the error message with others.

To enable Ignition, set APP_DEBUG=true in your .env file.

Debug Bar

The debug bar is a convenient way to explore what is happening in any given application request. You can see data the application is fetching, which views are in use, information on the current route, available variables, session data, request data, and more. If you created a blank Streams project, the debug bar is added as a development dependency by default.

Installing the Debug Bar

If needed, you can install the debug bar manually using Composer:

composer require --dev barryvdh/laravel-debugbar

Enabling the Debug Bar

Set APP_DEBUG and DEBUGBAR_ENABLED to true in your .env file to enable the debug bar.

Be aware! Enabling the debug bar adds significant overhead to each request.

Application Logs

Laravel's logging system can log messages and errors to file, debug services, and even Slack. The default behavior logs these messages to files stored in storage/logs; one file per day.

Learn more about configuring Laravel logging channels.

Laravel Telescope

We suggest Laravel Telescope, an elegant debug assistant for the Laravel framework, as a companion during your development work.