Server Requirements

To run Laravel Streams you will need to meet Laravel server requirements.

Supported Image Libraries

Please ensure one of the following libraries is installed in order to support image manipulation.

  • GD Library
  • Imagick PHP extension

New Projects

For new projects, the fastest way to get up and running is the Streams starter project:

composer create-project streams/streams:1.0.x-dev

cd streams

php artisan serve

Included Packages

The following packages are installed with the starter project:

Getting Started

Your streams project is now ready for you to start coding.

The Basics

Explore the basics of Streams by example.

Fundamental Concepts

Dig deeper into the fundamental concepts of Laravel Streams.

Existing Laravel Projects

You can add the Streams platform to existing Laravel projects by requiring the packages you need.

Streams Core

The core package is responsible for the meat and taters; it is the only required package.

composer require streams/core


From within your project, use Composer to update individual packages:

composer update streams/core --with-dependencies
composer update streams/api --with-dependencies
composer update streams/ui --with-dependencies

You can update your entire project using composer update.