I own and maintain PyroCMS and am currently working on its successor Laravel Streams, a next-generation open-source multi-tool for creating a wide range of content and data-driven Laravel applications that you and your clients will love. Your sponsorship will help me work towards being able to build and support these open-source projects full time and eventually to build and compensate a team around them.

I have been working on and pursuing open-source for almost ten years! It has been a transformative aspect of my life and has allowed me to help countless others through its work. My mission is to support and empower other developers to build bigger, better, more maintainable projects faster and have a blast doing it.

I am a "maximizer," and through my open-source work and support, I hope to maximize you in your work. I hope that the software I build can help you accomplish more significant goals faster and with more joy, in turn, freeing up as much of your precious time as possible. Your sponsorship will help me continue pursuing the open-source way of being by building, maintaining, and supporting my current and forthcoming open-source projects full-time and supporting a dedicated team around them.