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UI Components are the foundation of the Streams UI system. They encapsulate the structural properties, rendering, and logical behavior of UI such as forms, tables, and buttons.

Available Components

Below is a complete list of all first-party UI components:

@foreach (Streams::entries('docs_ui')->where('category', 'components')->orderBy('sort', 'ASC')->orderBy('name', 'ASC')->get() as $entry)

Defining UI

There are a handful of ways to define UI components.

Streams Components

Stream components are configured within the stream definition.

// streams/contacts.json
    // ...
    "ui": {
        "tables": {
            "example": {
                // ...
        "forms": {
            "example": {
                // ...

You can use the ui method to build the above configured UI component:

$table = Streams::make('contacts')->ui('tables.example');
$form = Streams::make('contacts')->ui('forms.example');

Generic Components

You can also instantiate UI components manually. In the below example, the provided stream parameter would be all that is required. The rest, you may customize to your liking.

You may find that a component may require more fields if a stream parameter is not provided.

It is also important to note that components technically do not require a stream parameter.

use Streams\Ui\Table\Table;

$table = new Table([
    'stream' => $stream,
    'columns' => [
        // ...

Basic Usage

Blade Components

UI components are paired with corresponding Laravel Blade components which you may access manually in a similar manner.

@verbatim<x-table stream="contacts"/>@endverbatim

Each component documents its own configuration documentation.

User Interface API

You can use the control panel API to access any configured UI component for a stream.

GET|POST  /cp/ui/{stream}/{component}/{handle?}