Navigation sections are the primary building blocks of the control panel.

Creating Navigation


You can manually create a JSON file with the below attributes in the navigation directory.

Using Streams CLI

You can create a new cp.navigation entry using streams-cli.

php artisan entries:create cp.navigation



// // streams/cp/navigation/{id}.json
    "title": "Documentation",
    "stream": "docs",
    "parent": null,
    "buttons": {},
    "route": {}

id slug

The unique handle of the shortcut.

title string

A (translatable) string for display purposes.

stream string

The contextual stream for this navigation section. Forms will create entries for this stream and tables will display entries for this stream, for example. The id will be assumed the same as the stream handle if not configured.

parent string

The id of the parent navigation item. Two levels of nesting are supported out of the box.

buttons array

An associated array of buttons.

route array

An associated array of additional route information.