1. What are tables?
  2. How do you use tables?
  3. How do you build tables?
  4. How do you secure tables?
  5. How do you extend tables?
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Table builders help you quickly build up table components.

Defining Tables

Table Builders

You can instantiate a TableBuilder instance and interact with it directly.

use Steams\Ui\Table\TableBuilder;

$builder = new TableBuilder($parameters = []);

Stream Tables

Defining tables in your stream configuration makes it easy to display, filter, and customize tables based your domain information and entities.

Define stream tables using a handle => parameters format, where handle will be used to reference the table later and parameters is an array of parameters and components configuration.

// streams/example.json
    "ui": {
        "tables": {
            "default": {
                "actions": {
                    "delete": {}


The following parameters are available.

    "stream": null,
    "table": null,
    "views": [],
    "filters": [],
    "columns": [],
    "buttons": [],
    "actions": [],
    "options": [],

    "template": "ui::tables.table"
Name Default Description
stream null The contextual stream.
table default The table configuration to use.
views [] The table views.
filters [] The table filters.
columns ['id' => []] The table columns.
buttons [] The table buttons.
actions [] The table actions.
template ui::tables.table The table template view.
stream string|Stream

The stream to use for data and table configuration.

table string

The specific stream table configuration to use. The default configuration will be used otherwise.

builder string

Use the builder parameter to override the builder instance used to build the table component.

repository string

Use the repository parameter to override the repository instance used to fetch the entry. This parameter defaults to the stream configured repository if any.

// streams/example.json
    "ui": {
        "tables": {
            "default": {
                "repository": "App\\MyTableRepository"
options array

An array of table options.


Table configurations can also be @imports for more congiguration

    "ui": {
        "table": {}

Full configuration:

    "ui": {
        "tables": {
            "default": {},
            "{handle}": {}
use Steams\Ui\Table\TableBuilder;

$builder = new TableBuilder([
    'stream' => 'contacts',
    'columns' => [

Configuration Examples

    "table": [
        // Required Configuration
        "stream",   // The stream the entry belongs to
        // Optional Configuration
        "repository",   // The entry repository

        "builder",  // The table builder to use
        "table",    // The table component to use
        "assets",   // Assets to load
        "views",        // Table views configuration
        "filters",      // Table filters configuration
        "columns",      // Table columns configuration
        "actions",      // Table actions configuration
        "buttons",      // Table buttons configuration
        "options": [    // Component options array
            "sortable" // Enable sortable functionality